Severus (young_sev) wrote,

Someone can reply if they want to.

Severus walked through the grounds, fingering the cigarette in his pocket. Usually he only smoked when he was upset, but he was craving one now anyway. He wasn't upset, he was just...well, contemplative.

He reached the greenhouses and slowed down, peering in to see the plants and pondering what he could make with them. Potions were a good thing; potions kept his mind off of more confusing matters. A plant caught his eye, one with a long stem and purple, hooded flowers. He stopped for a moment, looking at it, then he walked into the greenhouse to look at it.

He studied the pretty purple flowers, touching one gently. After a moment, he looked down at the placard.

Aconitum Napellus

Severus pondered for a few moments. Aconite. Also known as Monkshood and Wolfsbane, he'd read that first year. Terribly toxic, not used in many potions because of that fact. He fingered a leaf. He wondered why. He could probably find some sort of use for it.

"Mr. Snape?" Severus turned to see Professor Sprout. "Admiring the fresh aconite?" Severus nodded, looking back at the plant.

"'s quite the attractive flower..." Professor Sprout smiled and nodded.

"Beautiful and deadly. Most of the good ones are." Severus was quiet. Finally he spoke.

"How long will you have it in?" Sprout tilted her head for a moment.

"As long as it's alive." Severus nodded.

"Thank you, Professor."

"You're welcome, Mr. Snape." Severus nodded again, and walked out. Maybe he would take that cigarette now, as he had more to think about now than before.
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